We're in...sort of!

I mean, we ARE moved into our new place. And mostly unpacked. There are no pictures up yet (gasp!!) which I can't bring myself to put up until everything is unpacked. But, since having 2 children seems to have multiplied our book/toy quota by, oh, at least 10...We require more storage. As in, hubby-get-out-the-tools-and-build-me-a-bookcase, please. And a bed frame, since our box spring doesn't fit up the stairs and we are currently sleeping with our mattress on the floor (which I did enough of in collage, thank you very much) So, since Adam and I are closet woodworkers, that's been the project of the weekend. The kids are adjusting to sharing a room; B's only issues come when her brother wakes her up, and Pax-well, he's learning. Unfortunately for him, this is one of the (many) things he seems to need to learn the hard way. Which makes me a bit anxious for his teenager-hood. BUT that's another story :). We don't actually have internet at the new place yet, which makes it tricky on the business side of things; but Adam worked the night shift last night and so, after he fell asleep in church this morning, I took the kids to my folks' and we're camped out here for naps so he can have some peace and quite. And I can have internet. And cable tv. And catch up on the INSANE amount of blogging everyone and their dog has done in the past 2 weeks. Is it sad that I feel so disconnected when I can't read my blogs? Cause I do.
One thing I have to say- which has nothing to do with moving, really- I love, love, LOVE watching my baby girl sleep. She's always liked to be on her side, but the past month or so, she's started flipping straight to her tummy to sleep- and there's not much sweeter or more peaceful than a tiny little girlie sleeping on her belly. Oh, and I ALSO love watching the relationship developing between my two kiddos. Pax sits next to her in the car and makes it his mission to make her laugh as much as possible; then asks "can I hold her hand, Mama?" if she falls asleep. They "dance" together (she has a big saucer toy thing that was given to us-she loves to sit in it and jump and jump; Pax stands in front of her and sings and jumps and dances and they crack themselves up). And I LOVE my husband's desire to just go for it with these project I get into my head; to sit down with me, draw out a plan, get out the power tools, and then head to L*we's. He's methodical, careful, and tends to be a bit more focused than I am; I'm good at figuring out how to make stuff work and the "big picture" ideas. We make a pretty good team. Plus, it's just fun to make stuff with him-cookies, bookshelves, whatever. With the chaos that our life is right now, it's been a good way to connect with each other, talk, have some fun...ok, so that's like 3 things. or more. but there ya go-a little bit of what's going on right now. I'll get some pictures up ASAP...you know, once we have Internet again.