The great debate, pt. 3...or is it 4?

Along with tacos, chocolate milk, and other VERY IMPORTANT matters, we've had a debate going on in our house for...well....probably the last year and a half. A very important debate, about when we would like to have another baby. Pax was a little surprise package we found out about 7 months after we married, and...we just thought it would be really cool if we could plan the next one. This idea especially appealled to my husband, who is a Great Planner of Life. Or at least he tries to be. Ask him how that's worked out since we got married....:) Anyways. We talked and talked and talked...all thorough the long months of sleepless nights and trying to nurse a hurricane, we debated. Finally, it was decided that we'd love to have a Spring baby next time. May, to be exact. Which would mean starting to try again in August (a concept so compleatly foreign to me, it kinda freaked me out...for those of you who haven't planned kiddos, you know what I mean!). We were compleatly happy with our little plan. Except we forgot one little thing (well, actually, one BIG thing....). GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR!! and so, on our 3rd wedding anniversary, also our last night at theWELL and 4 DAYS before we left Durango...I believe my exact words were, "you're kidding me." when I saw those 2 pink lines show up! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am pregnant. 9 weeks today, to be exact. Due around Jan. 22nd, in the dead of winter (winter babies are great! who said they wanted a spring baby??). We had an ultrasound yesterday and got to see the little peanut and its' good, strong heartbeat...crazy, amazing little miracle. Surprise! someone asked me last night if this one was planned...planned? who plans their kids?? (actually, I know who you are..what's that like?) we are so blessed. I know this. I am so thankful for the way God gives us our children...and I can't wait for this trimester to be over :) so. boy or girl? anyone want to take bets?