Cookie Monster is alive and well...and living at my house.

So, I have this Small Son. He has a vivid ( oh boy is it vivid!) imagination which, among other things, brings him running to our room and flying onto our bed at LEAST twice a week because there are "scaries" in his room. We (being loving, if not sometimes rather tired) parents escort him back to his room (usually we take turns...a good nudge gets Adam up if need be), where we pray to Jesus to take the scaries away, give Pax sweet dreams, etc. Last night was no exception...well, except the Small Son had actually taken a nap yesterday (swimming 2 or 3 times a day will do that to ya!). I'm pretty sure that's where the trouble started...so, he'd already come in, been taken back, etc. At about 5am he came in again-he's pretty sure the day is old as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon-soi escorted him back to his bed.
"mama, look-can you just get those off?"
I ran my hand over the sheets and felt something...crummy. I immediately knew what had happened, but since it was 5am I ignored it, went back to bed, and knew I'd be hearing an interesting story later. An hour and a half later, both kids were up (thanks to the non-sleeper) and I headed out to the pool for a quick swim while Adam started the morning routine. Upon coming in, I found the sweet little angel sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl of outmeal, and began the questioning.
" so, Pax...where did those crumbs come from in your bed?"
"oh, I just got a cookie,"
"you mean you got out of bed and came downstairs to get a cookie last night?"
"yes! It was sooooo yummy...I just sneaked down quietly, and got the cookies, and went to my bed and ate them alllll up! Yum!" (picture cookie-monster-ish noises and miming chomping on cookies)
"wait...cookies? How many did you have?"
"two! And then they were all gone," he shook his head sadly. (luckily...or else there would've been one sick little boy!)"and I just took them to my bed and ate them ALL UP and I was quiet and didn't wake up sister!"
Well, that's good at least...I'm still trying to figure out how come the kid can't stay in his bed cause of the "scaries"; but he can get out of his bed in the middle of the night and go downstairs in the dark by himself without a peep. The cookies were calling his name, apparently. So, you see, Cookie Monster DOES live at my house....and yes, Adam hid the cookies tonight.


A quick update.

So, we're here. In Phoenix, in the hotness, starting a new adventure...my kids were in the pool at 8am this morning. It wasn't quite 90 degrees, which was a nice break from yesterday when it was 90 at 6am! The heat doesn't seem to bother the kiddos at all...but that might be because of the beautiful pool in the backyard of the house we're staying in! Not our own house,not yet; some friends of Adam's folks are letting us stay in their home so very generously while they excape the heat in D-town :) SUCH a blessing to not have to pay for a hotel! Adam starts his last prereqs on Monday, but his applications are already in; now the waiting, praying, and house hunting begin. Or continue,really. Cause that's never stopped...the kiddos are doing beautifully, at least so far. No issues with the transition-actually I think they had a harder time before we left, when we were staying at my parents' for 2 weeks. pax in particular. He knew what was happening and just wanted to get to Arizona already! Of course, we've been here all of 3 days...we were a bit (ok, a lot) delayed by croup, laryngitis, last-minute issues that had to wait till Monday in Ft.Fun, and more croup. But we got to spend an extra day in D-town with the cousins (oh my so much fun!)which was totally worth the delay. I have more, pictures too of course, but for now-we're he, we're safe, we're enjoying the pool! And I'm readjusting my thinking about what time of the year my kids can be outside in the middle of the day :)