Diary of a (pre) Med Student('s wife): So it begins.

This will be short, as it's 6:43 and a little energizer-bunny of a girlie has already been up for an hour and 15 minutes. But I had to post this-Adam is on his way to his first Physician's Assistant school interview today. It's been a looong road and it isn't over yet-but I'm so proud of him and all he is. As of right now, he's gotten six- SIX- invitations to interview at 6 different schools; including the two schools that are here in the Valley of the Sun. He's accepted 5.
And this morning, he left for the first one.
This one is in Philadelphia...he'll get there tonight, and spend the majority of the day interviewing/seeing the campus/talking to current students; and then fly back home tomorrow evening, getting in about 10pm. Fast and furious. If you think of us at all in the next couple of days, pray for him. Pray for favor, for wisdom, for the right words as he interviews, for early notifications one way or another. We're supposed to hear something within 2-4 weeks of his interview. The hubs is pretty good with people, (ha! that's an understatement) so I don't think either of us is really too worried about the interview process, but still-this is a big deal. Actually, it's a HUGE deal. So please pray along with us. And celebrate with us! God is so good, all the time, and we are absolutely aware that is is HIS favor and HIS grace working in and thru Adam that has gotten us this far.


She said/He said

My kids say funny stuff, (at least, I think it's funny) and I want to remember it, always. So before I forget....

She said:
a conversation between my sweet (and totally 2.5) doll and her daddy during a rest stop.
Adam : "Blythe, did you she she (pee) your pants?"
B, tugging on her pants: "These are snugglies,"
Adam: "Did you she she your snugglies?"
B: "Snugglie pants."
Adam (I can practically feel the exasperation at this point, but he keeps calm!): "Did you she she your snugglie pants?"
B:" Um. Yeah."

He said:
as Pax sat at the kitchen table with his sister yesterday...
       "B, your vanilla milk's the bad guy and mine's the good guy. LET"S FIGHT!!"

(after said "fight", he proceeded to sprinkle his sister's hair with the last drops of his vanilla milk. Not sure what the purpose of that was.)

The baby? Well, he says "hi"....but that's just cute, mostly.


Wordless Wednesday: Tiny Buddies.

Benson and Blaise. 
They really don't have any choice...they were born
 to be buddies.