Thankful Thursday

God has taught me a lot about thankfulness and contentment this year...much more than I could put in this post. I've been through rough times in my life before; lots of hard, dark roads walked through with the Lord by my side has taught me to be faithful and grateful in many different circumstances. Contentment, however; rejoicing in any and all circumstances of life-that's been a bit harder. I'm still working on it, most definitely, but this past year has taught (and is teaching!) me much about being content and joyful in ALL circumstances. Nothing major has happened; no catastrophes, no disasters. Although our second pregnancy came as another surprise right in the middle of (another) huge life change, it was smooth, God used it to work miracles in my body, and our baby girl is here, happy, and healthy. We have a place to live, food to eat, and family to help us out. The stress has come from little things; Adam still not being able to find a job (and the guy has applied EVERYWHERE), trying to adjust to living with my very gracious parents after having our own home for 3 1/2 years, where things were done the way we wanted without a second thought; adjusting to Adam being back in school, trusting what God has told us when things look so different than we expected them to...lots of little things. We don't always understand why things are this way; we knew God told us to come here and start Adam's schooling, and just thought the rest would fall into place. It's been a bit of a desert time for me, a wilderness...but God creates pathways in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. I hold to that promise, and am beginning to see it in my heart, if not in our circumstances. With that in mind- there is so very much I am continually thankful for today....
...a God who is ALWAYS faithful.
...a husband who is a strong leader for our family, friend of my heart, adored father, and constantly thoughtful.
...healthy, happy children.
...gracious parents who give us a place to live, love, and support.
...breakthroughs in my heart.
...a little girl who slept 6 HOURS last night (just can't get over it!!)
...my cousin coming to visit for 10 days next week! we may be 19 years apart in age, but God knit our hearts together when i was a teenager, and I am so very thankful for her.
...God's continual, out-of-the-blue provision in our live. He is so faithful!
...my boy's joyful spirit...and his ability to go on the potty! Bu-bye, diapers! (at least for the big 'un :)
...that I am starting to feel like "myself" again. Excited for the vision God is giving me!


Guess who

is one month old already? I'm planning a more in-depth blog this week about both my kiddos (yes, I'm aware that I haven't posted about the potty-going, fountian-falling-in, sister-lovin' big bro in awhile...sorry!) but right now, while the internet is cooperating, some pictures. Little B was wearing an outfit I clearly remember her big cousin Maddie wearing, so Tiff-some of these are for you!
Valentine's Day, 2010. Don't I have the stinkin' greatest family?? Look at those smiles!!


Happy Valentine's Day!

I love holidays. So fun! something about the whole day is just-special. Always. My parents always made a big deal about holidays- a special breakfast, at the least, with the whole fam early before school- and Adam and I are carrying the tradition on with our own kiddos. These cookies are the goodness that Pax and I baked up earlier this week: Homemade sugar cookies with the BEST (and easiest!) cream-cheese frosting I've ever tasted. And sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. Our little guy looooves to bake..but is that any surprise?? So do his daddy and I!
The World's Best Cream Cheese Frosting

8oz. cold cream cheese
5 Tbs. Butter (softened)
5 Tbs. Vanilla
2C. powdered sugar
Beat cream cheese, butter, and vanilla together. Add sugar slowly, until thoroughly mixed. Add more sugar as desired until it reaches the sweetness and consistency you prefer.

That's it! Super simple. Soooo yummy! The cookies at our house have already vanished :)


i love....

...my Med#la pump. Bet ya thought this was a sappy Valentines' post, huh? Nope. Seriously, it saves my life. Or at least my boobs :) and I am very, very good at doing things one-handed while I pump. like write blogs. I'm very seriously considering donating milk...I've been blessed with an (over!) abundant milk supply for my babes, which seems to get exponentially bigger with each kiddo (slightly frightening, really). And since I don't have twins to nurse, I figure maybe I can help out some other babies! Or perhaps make a killing on the b-milk black market. Does that exsist?? hmmm....potential new sorce of income.....??


a confession.

Sometimes I wish my super efficient, speedy-nursing-3-week old wasn't quite so speedy...just so I could sit and hold her quietly for a few minutes longer...and, on the rare occasion that Pax isn't hanging out with us while I nurse-read a magazine. sigh. what sweet baby-smelling heaven.



no, it's not Thursday...I may have an almost 3-week old, but I DO know what day of the week it is (usually). Just wanted to take a minute to say how very thankful I am for this guy.

Life has been one big, crazy curve ball since we were married 3 1/2 years ago...but I wouldn't change it for a "normal" life for one second. Life is one huge unknown right now...what will happen next week, next month, next year...how we'll make it financially and as a family (thankfully God has it all under control and, once again, we don't have to know the "how"). I'm so thankful for what a dedicated follower of Christ, husband, and father Adam is. I'm blessed to know that those are his focus and top priorities, no matter what...and to see every day how much he loves me in the way he fathers our kids, takes charge of poopy diapers, rocks our baby girl, wrestles our little boy, and makes sure I know he loves me in a million other little ways. so thankful for you, my love.