Working Mom

first off, I just want to tell all you moms out there that work outside of the home-you're amazing. I don't know how you do it, honestly...not just the working-plus-being-mom (and often wife, too!), but have the emotional strength to leave your kiddos all day to do it. I know that it's often not a choice, but a necessity, and I suppose that makes it easier....knowing you are helping (or totally responsible for) to put food on the table and a roof over your kiddos' heads. Still. Hard stuff. I've been blessed to be able to stay at home with my kiddos; and although I've always worked in some way, these last two weeks have been-harder. Great, really; just harder. Two weeks ago we made a lightening-quick trip to Durango so I could photograph a (way fun & beautiful) wedding. Adam drove down with me because we had to pick up our car (it'd been at the shop there for a month), and boy was I ever glad he did! He stayed at my in-law's house and watched the kiddos while I worked; even though he'd been invited to the wedding, too, it just worked out better that way. I was away from the baby for 3 feedings...I love my Med*la pump :) left at 8am the next morning, drove home...kids did great, although D.O.N.E. by the time we hit Denver. Which isn't so good, because we still had an hour to drive.

By the way, did you know a 3-month old can be slap-happy? True story. After we got the melting-down kids out of the car, we let Pax play in the sprinklers and I sat on the front porch with a very tired baby who wanted to just be held. Somehow, we started to play a little game...I'd take her plug (pacifier) out of her mouth quickly and say, "I got your plug!!" in a silly voice-she thought it was hilarious. Instant giggles. We're talking full-on, rolling, delightfully sweet little baby giggles. Which, coincidentally, her big brother thought was pretty funny. I had them both goin' pretty good...silly, tired kiddos!

The rest of the week didn't slow down much. My dad left last Wednesday for 10 weeks overseas, so we had a family dinner Monday night, MOPS on Tuesday, I had worship practice Tuesday night (and Adam had a test- thank goodness for grandparents!), Pax went with my mom for his "date" to Ta*o Bell with Grammy (minus Grandaddy for a few months) Friday night, and I was gone Saturday afternoon part of the evening, as well as all Sunday morning to sing. Thankfully, my husband is wonderful AND loves to see me do the things I love doing, along with being a super-hands-on father who adores time with his kiddos. But my kids are just "off" this week. Pax is super tired, super whiny, throwing tantrums...B just wants to be held. It finally hit me this morning that this is in reaction to Mama being gone so much the past 2 weeks. Pax threw a full-on fit for Adam Sunday on the way home, once he realized I was only putting him in the car and not coming home with them. Now, I know he needs to learn to deal with his emotions in more "constructive" ways than screaming and crying at his daddy. It still broke my heart, though.

It's been good for me to see this...to realize that, even as I work "out" more, I need to be very careful how much and when I schedule things. To keep my priorites in order : God first, husband second, kids next, THEN the job. Never really had to deal with being away when I worked in Durango. When I did worship in D-town, Adam and Pax were there, too, all Sunday morning. I saw them on and off; sometimes took Pax out of the nursery to hang out between services. And it was only 2 services, not 4. I tutored at the church, so Pax hung out with Daddy (and Benjie, or Mark, or whoever) for an hour and then we walked home together. When we were doing stuff with the youth group, he was with us for half the time-the kids loved him. And he loved them! I was never gone for more than a few hours; definitly not entire days. I'm trying hard to be extra patient today, to give extra snuggles and kisses-and I have that freedom, as I am home *most* of the time. Still trying to figure out this whole "working mom" thing. But what a great problem to have! It means I have wonderful kiddos who want to be with me-AND a way to help earn money for my family! As well as the luxary of being with my kids most of the time. Really, the best of both worlds-if I handle things right.



Last night, driving home from a picnic, Pax wanted to play a little game.
"You Pax, I Mama," ok. We play this little game a lot...although usually he wants to be Daddy. I start to play along.

Me :"Mama, I have a potty cookie? Mama, I have M&M's? Mama, I have chocolate milk? Mama, I have ice cream??" pretending to be my wheeling-and-dealing 2 year old.

Pax: "Nope."

Yup, that's pretty much it. Ask me for oranges and apples, kid, you'll get all the "yes!" you want! right. Like that's gonna happen...ahhhh, to hear yourself through the mouth of your child.


Just a peek...

...at what I was doing this weekend.....

it was beautiful, and classy, and also- because it was Sarah- just a little bit sassy. congratulations, Mike and Sarah! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful love story, one more time.



It's time I introduced you to a Very Important member of our family. He's the number 7 steam tram on the Island of Sodor...which, if you don't happen to have boys or other small children who are passionately in love with trains, means nothing to you. But in our house...he's a pretty big deal. Because this guy loves, loves, loves his Toby the Tram Engine. He may not be the biggest engine, or the fastest; his paint isn't bright red like James or green like Percy or yellow like Molly. It's not as shiny and pretty as Thomas' blue paint. He has wooden sides, and cow catchers (if you don't know what those are-ask my son. I had to.), and a bell instead of a whistle. But boy, does our little dude love him. Can't you tell? See how his paint is chipped and his eyes are almost completely rubbed off? Pax got him for his birthday last October. He's much loved already...goes almost everywhere our little boy does. Sleeps with him. Usually eats with him, too. At least once a week, I hear, "Mama, where Toby GO??" as Toby has been taken along on some adventure and left (like in the trunk of his owner's toy car...or, once, inside the sub woofer. Apparently the speaker hole looked an awful lot like a tunnel Toby needed to explore.) I love this little wooden train-because he is my boy's friend; his partner in imaginary games, and his whisper-buddy at night in bed. Usually one or another of the trains will join Pax and Toby in their adventures; but Toby is always, always there. Which is why I seized the opportunity to take some pictures this afternoon when I found him on the floor, somehow missed as Pax went to his nap. He may not be the prettiest, strongest, or fastest engine my boy owns; but he is definitely the most beloved. And so he makes me smile...because he (always will!) reminds me of a sweet, busy, crazy little two-year-old with Toby clutched tightly in one hand, off on a new adventure.


the Other Blegers

yes, this is how we refer to my bro-and sis-in-law. I'm sure to them, WE are the Other Blegers. But they're wrong :) about a month ago, on an EPIC (not in a good way...but that's another story) trip to Durango, I had the chance to snap some fun pictures of Jerome, Tiff, and my three great nieces. So much fun! I love this family, am so glad we get to be part of their lives, and although I'm excited about where Adam and I are now-it makes me sad that I can't be there for the day-to-day stuff. In February, my oldest niece was horribly sick for weeks...it killed me that I couldn't be there to help out. I know it's not much, but to be able to give them some great (in my opinion) pictures of their growing family is a big deal to me-I truly believe everyone should have beautiful pictures of their family. That's a big part of the reason I've started this little business. Plus I just love to see how families interact....here are a few of my favorites from that afternoon. Check out my website for more! (Yes, Tiff, I'm putting you on the internet....bwa hahha!!) this one just makes me smile...my soft-hearted bro-in-law, lookin' all tough!


Thankful Tuesday

Yes, I know it's usually Thankful Thursdays...but not this week!! My husband is downstairs cleaning up after dinner; I'm "putting the baby to bed,". I really did just put her down, but I HAVE to let you guys know...HE GOT THE JOB!!! The medically-related, leaves-time-for-school-and-pays-well job I've been praying VERY specifically for the past few months...Thank You, Lord!!! I seriously wanted to start jumping up and down with joy when I heard the message on A's voicemail!.....ok, break's over...more later...but now, back to our regularly scheduled program (aka bedtime) :)

Praise God!! He is good, all the time! And thank you, friends, for praying with us!