Snow Day, Sick Day

This past week has been a fun, crazy, week..My 26th birthday was on Tuesday, and I was thoroughly spoiled by my husband and family, including sticky buns for breakfast, chimichangas for dinner, and pecan pie for my "cake". Gotta love having a husband and mom who are both great cooks! Adam got me a very cool lens (he spoils me...it's a Af-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4g, for those of you who know or care...) and just generally always does what he can to surprise and celebrate me...dinner with the whole family and games made it a great day. And it started to snow!!
Early Wednesday morning, while the snow was still pretty easy to navigateI've always wanted it to snow on my birthday, but generally it waits to Halloween. So I enjoyed my little birthday present from God--which turned into a massive snowstorm and 2 snowdays for everyone but CSU up here! we got at least 2 feet of snow...when Pax was tromping through the snow Tuesday afternoon, it came up to the bottom of his coat-and kept falling all night. So fun!! He LOVED the snow, loved catching snowflakes on his tounge and making snowballs to throw, and just generally had a blast! Yesterday afternoon, however, he came down with a nasty cough, so our plans to trick-or-treat downtown this morning with some other moms + kiddos were cancelled. Bummer. Mama's going a little stir crazy, but coughs and 20 degree weather just don't mix,...so we went to get coffee. Adam's first class got canceled, so he came with us for a nice, snowy morning treat. Now we're home, watching Veggie Tales...I know my kid feels junky when he doesn't even want to play with his trains. Poor buddy...he sounds like a very congested, barking seal. Ahh, the beginning of cold season! Hopefully he'll be up to a bit of trick-or -treating tommorow night!


I did it.

It's official...I bought a website and am working on it as we speak. Someday soon, y'all will be able to be at the unveiling of SunflowerEyes Photography...the website. This is seriously the rebirth of a dream I've had since 5th grade...and it's so so so cool to see how God has brought this dream back to life this past summer! But. You must wait. Because, well, this website thing takes time to make perfect. In the meantime, I have pictures to post. Little P turned 2 on the 2nd of October...he was so excited! I made him a train cake (at least HE knew it was a train!) he got train tracks, and trains, and a baseball and bat, and was basically in little boy heaven. This kid knows (and will tell you!) the names of ALL the Thomas and Friends characters...not that we let him watch it all the time, the kid just has his Daddy's memory for names. and faces. It's pretty amazing, actually; he knows them before I do most of the time! I have a post to do about this little one's visit with her family....and another about this brand-new sweetie...and another about my two favorite guys...
...and another about the most dramatic wedding I have ever been a part of. and I've been part of a lot! But life is busy, so for now...littleDude's birthday! Enjoy!
Woah...I get cake! and ice cream!uuuhhh...Daddy, I'm trying to eat here.