Thankful Thursday...it's "allll done!"

The bottle, that is. After the 2nd morning, no fits...after the 3rd day (and a new sippy cup), went back to drinking milk regularly. Woohoo! I was a little afraid...and expecting MUCH more of a battle. This kid has a will of his own, and does EVERYTHING in his own timing. I've tried several times to get him to give up the bottle, which resulted in a milk strike, which is not good when your kiddo has only made it onto the growth charts for weight in the past 2 months..Lucky for me, his timing and mine coincided for once!! SO we had a little celebration while we were up in Ft. Fun last weekend...it was his reward for drinking milk out of his sippy (ok yes, we bribed him a bit, but it WORKED!) pool time with mom and dad and ice cream afterwards. Unfortunately didn't get pictures of the ice cream, but Grammy did get some of him learning to "surf" on the kickboard! Super fun slide with Daddy!

"surfing" on the kickboard..he thought this was pretty much the coolest thing he'd ever done!
this is at a random little playground in Saguache on the way up to Ft. Collins...we all needed a break! You can see Adam's face in the hole.


We drove up to Ft. Collins for the weekend...thank goodness for borrowed DVD players (thanks, Jason and Nicole!!). Beautiful day, nice drive, tired kiddo (slept an hour all day...). Glad to be here! We're going to look at some houses tommorow or Saturday, just to start looking...woohoo!! Pax loves the big yard, lots of room to run around and lots of people to play with. Adam and I were getting excited on the way up, thinking that the next time we make the drive we will be MOVING. I think tomorrow we're going to have a little pool-and-ice-cream time...he's doing well with the milk in the sippy. Not drinking as MUCH milk, which isn't so good for our skinny guy, but drinking it without a fit! Yippee!! so this counts as my thankful Thursday post...now I'm gonna go hang out with my family. Tchau Tchau!


Further adventures of the Cupboard Dweller

We've had a hard time getting Pax to give up his bottle...drinks great out of a sippy cup as long as it's water, juice, etc...but milk? Try to give that boy milk in a cup and LOOK OUT!! So...today was designated as "bye-bye bottle" day. we've been talking about this for a few days...and today after nap, I gave Pax his milk in a sippy. Freaked out. So, I reminded him that he was a big boy now, and that today was "bye-Bye Bottle" day...and we had a little ceremony. Pax helped me carry the bottles into his room, where we put them in the bottle drawer of a dresser in his cupboard. We made a deal: once Pax started drinking out his milk out of a cup, we'd have a special day where we'd go to the pool with Daddy (one of his favorite things to do), go on the big blue slide (he LOVES this) and then have some ice cream. Pax agreed (yes, I know he's 18 months old, but he's a smart little bugger! Totally got it). 7 pm came...he asked for his "baba"...daddy gave him his milk in a nifty waterbottle Pax got at Easter, and snuggled him like we do with the bottle...AND HE DRANK IT!! not all of it, and not all at once, but HE DID IT!! No tantrum, no tears...took one little reminder about the pool and ice cream...woohoo!! let's just hope he keeps it up! Go, Cupboard Dweller, Go!


Thankful Thursday

I havn't had access to internet until the past couple of days..it's amazing how much blogging you miss in 2 weeks! So, today I am thankful for:

-the internet. I know that it can be addictive; but it's also a great way to stay connected with everyone!

-for blogs. I just am. I know it's silly...but I love reading them!!

-for little Chloe Warren, born early and healthy on April 7th. Kari (her mom) and I have known each other from preschool dress-up days to high-school band geeks and beyond...so fun to see her with her beautiful little girl!
-for all-natural cough syrup and nose squirt for little guys. Allergies are rockin' at our house this year!

-for my husband..all the daily, little ways he shows his love for me and our son.
-for Nicole, the amazing packing guru. She came over Tuesday to help me get started (Tuesday is turning into my "packing day" each week...one day a week, I can handle. A week or two of straight packing...I might go crazy.) and was SO MUCH HELP!! Plus, her sweet, calm, good-natured attitude didn't make it feel like work...we just hung out, packed boxes, and talked while the boys played in the boxes and everywhere else.

-how God created our bodies to heal so quickly...I dropped the diaper pail on Pax's nose about a week ago (no, not on purpose...yes, I was horrified...so was he!!).
-that Pax is taking a random morning nap-which gives me time to blog (although there is that laundry that needs to be folded....) :)


Thankful Thursday, once again!

Pax and I are in Ft. Collins this week, so I don't go crazy by myself while Adam is in LA...he took abunch of high schoolers to the Dream Center, and they've been getting their worlds rocked. But more about that later! Today, I'm thankful for...
....the fact that Pax got Adam's stomach. Throwing up is oe of my signature moves...all throughout my life, at random times all throughout pregnancy and labor, on boats and planes, in cars, when I have bad headaches...and yes, on the planeride up to Denver on Monday. BUT my son. He thought the turbulence was fun, laughing and bounching up and down. Which is a good thing, when Mama needs to set the kiddo down and grab a puke bag.
....for my parents. They spoil us when we're here, adore my son, and think I'm pretty good, too. Even after living with me as a teenager.
....for wonderful cousins who always drop by when we're in town, just to see us.
....for Kayleigh (my cousin's youngest). Pax doesn't see his cousin all that often, but always knows her, adores her, and loves to play with her and snuggle her. She loves him back...what a great kid! Can't wait to see her more often :)
....for my husband. Being without him for a week makes me realize just how much I love to be with him and the joy he brings to my life.
....for Ft. Collins. It's a great town, and being here knowing we're moving back in about 7 weeks makes me look at it in a whole new light.
....for cell phones that let me text Adam and send him pictures of his little boy.
....for wonderful friends who offer to help this overwhelmed girl pack up her home...thank you!! I'll be calling soon...:)
...for friends whose husbands work at All-tel and can get us boxes to pack STUFF in!
...for chocolate. I love chocolate. simple pleasures....
...for my passion for writing. My parents found some things I'd written in high school and left them in the room I'm staying...it's interesting to "hear" myself from back then, see how I've changed (or havn't) ad read funny, funny notes I passed with friends in speech class a looooong time ago (yes, I passed notes...I was bored a lot. it happens.)