Be careful what you say...

    Yesterday, as I ran around like a crazy woman trying to get dinner ready while prepping myself and 2 kids for AWANAS, I told the bigs that it was crazy hat night. We talked about some of their hat options, and they both ran out of the room to find something. good. Great! I thought. At least we won't have to deal with that part in the after dinner rush! (although it didn't actually go that smoothly...but that's another story.)
    Meanwhile, Blaise (now 18 months) was in the kitchen; he obviously was in earshot of the conversation, but I didn't think anything of it.... until he went to the Tupperware drawer, opened it, and placed a container on his head. He turned to me and grinned...crazy hat night? Check! All over it, Mama.
      Also, the kid can "sing" Darth Vader's theme song with perfect pitch and understanding. Which is what he was doing the other night, while wearing his Superman jammies (and cape!) and Pax's sunglasses.

   I'm 95% sure this kid is smarter than me already...and 100% sure he doesn't EVER want to be left behind!