Wordless Wednesday

{because there are no.words. for the joy these two bring to my life}


The Fog.

There's a time for Adam and I that starts pretty soon after that sweet, new, much-awaited bundle arrives that we affectionately refer to as "the Fog". I suppose if people are honest (which, for some strange reason, a lot of new mothers are not...) everyone goes through The Fog. It's that time when day and night blur into one long, long day; when our focus turns inward to our little family unit as we work to establish feeding schedules, sibling adjustments, healing of sore bodies, and try to find out what the new "normal" looks like with another little person in tow. It's a season of nursing, of catching a catnap whenever you can, of weeding out the things in our life that aren't the MOST important things in order to leave room for the things that have become the most important. It's a season of slow changes; of small, 2-degree adjustments made until things are back in alignment. The Fog took us both by surprise the first time around (but then, everything took us by surprise the first time around...including the baby). I knew-WE knew- things would change after Baby. Just how much they would HAVE to change in order to have a healthy marriage and a healthy family-that was the surprise. As was the small son who didn't sleep through the night consistently for a long, long, long, LONG time. I don't think I even realized how long the Fog lasted with Pax. With little B, we knew it was coming. The surprising thing to me this time was that THE FOG HAS LASTED JUST AS LONG. Silly me, I thought perhaps with the second one things would be gone quickly! (Actually, in a lot of ways it IS easier the second time around....like the part where we actually feel like we might have a little bit of an idea what we're doing now...)
I think the Fog is a good thing, really, in many ways...it forces us to focus more on our children (and our marriage) than we would if everything went instantly back to normal after I'd given birth. If we had stayed just as busy, just as committed to our outside endevors that sweet little bundle we waited so long for could've easily been shunted off to one side. The downside of the fog is, well, if you're not careful you can forget there's even a "normal" world out there that you're still part of. Because the fog can last a long time...for us, at least, it seems to last through the first year of life. It's not always the heavy, dense fog of the newborn days; it gets lighter and is more of a haze, I suppose (I sound like I'm describing San Francisco in the morning). The point is, I'm just starting to feel like we're coming out of the fog. Baby girl turned 11 months old last Sunday-although, really, I don't know how that happened since I just gave birth to her. I can see her changing from baby to toddler before my eyes. She's communicating more every day, plays with her brother until they both are breathless with giggles, stands on her own, climbs the stairs like it's her purpose in life, and has weaned herself off of all but 1 feeding a day.
That last part she did within the span of a week and no, I was not ready for it. But there's no arguing with an 11-month old who won't stay still long enough to nurse, and therefore doesn't eat enough, and therefore wasn't sleeping very well. I gave in and gave her a bottle before bed-the kid slept like a champ. Totally worth it.
and now? the fog is lifting. I can see the end her nursing days drawing nearer. And then what?
When you've had 2 kiddos in 27 months-although I know it's much farther apart than the babies of some of our friends-having your body "back" to yourself almost seems like a luxury.
I won't have to think about nursing schedules.
or pumping.
I can wear regular bras again (seriously....can't wait to go to VS!)
and finally lose this baby weight, as my body seems to think we're on the verge of a famine and it must hold onto every.ounce. in case I need to nurse until my baby is 5.
I can travel without my kids--not saying I have any plans, but the fact that I COULD is kind of fun.
And, let me tell you, photographing 6 to 8 hours for weddings this summer will be MUCH more fun when I'm not nursing.
My kids are actually both sleeping through the night, in the same room, successfully, 75% of the time. Which means that Adam and I are getting maybe 4 or 5 nights a week of solid sleep (well, at least when the kids aren't sick. or teething. or having nightmares...) Pretty sure between being pregnant (which does not equal sleep for me) and the babies themselves that hasn't happend in over 3 years.
I can see the fog lifting--and I'm so excited for this next year and all it holds for our little family. For the possibilities, the plans, the dreams God's given us to chase in 2011... just as excited as I am to celebrate Christmas with a 3-year-old who GETS it this year and an 11 month old who thinks paper is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and will probably spend all morning shredding wrapping paper with great joy while ignoring the actual presents.
I truly am thankful for the fog, and the opportunity it's given us to focus so very much on our little family. but I'm even more thankful to see what's waiting on the other side of it.


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that, right now, there's a little guy sitting across the table from me saying, "hurry, Mama! We gotta feed the kitty some Crispix!!"....bet ya didn't know cats like cereal, did ya? They do here. Although, it's not actually a real cat, so I guess I don't really know if cats like cereal here or not.
I'm thankful the snot-factory has shut down production (at least for the time being)and we are all healthy(ish) again.
I'm thankful for a day of Christmas shopping & a fun breakfast with my love tomorrow morning. I'm even thankful that we're doing it tomorrow because he has to work Saturday-the thought of facing all those weekend-before-Christmas shoppers makes me shiver!
I'm thankful for two happy kiddos who are excited for Christmas...even though one of them keeps getting confused as to JUST WHOSE BIRTHDAY Christmas really is (to be cleared up once and for all, hopefully, when we sing "happy birthday" to Jesus and blow out the candles in our sticky buns Christmas morning-a little tradition we started last year); and the other hasn't the slightest idea why she's so excited...I might be mistaking her excitement over her new found abilities to climb all the stairs in our apartment and stand up by herself (both of which she discovered while Daddy was in France) for Christmas joy. Maybe.
I'm thankful for my husband's foresight in buying a cord of wood about a month ago-took me all day to move most of it from the yard outside our place into our little fenced-in patio, and he still had to finish up when he got home. But the fires all day every day when it's cold are so worth it! Our utility bill is happier, too :)
I'm thankful for the little girlie calling me now from her room, because, although my children get up waaaaaay to early, at least they slept all night! And I got a shower. That's pretty darn good for us, this week.
Happy Thursday Before Christmas! May your shopping be done and the cookies delicious.



I got up early with the intent to take care of some business emails and edit pictures from a family session I had on Saturday...but my son seems to think that if I'm up, he should be up; and so between potty breaks and trying to keep him in bed (and quite) until a reasonable hour, I can't focus on the images long enough to get anything done. So I'm blogging instead. And seriously considering getting my 3-year-old his own alarm clock and teaching him how to tell time. Lucky for me, the emails I had to write were to
a) one of my brides for this next summer, who also happens to be my "little" cousin
b)another prospective bride
which means I already have 3 weddings to start planning and dreaming about for the summer....which means a lot of fun, and a little nervousness. I always, always get nervous before a shoot. I think it's good, though-keeps me on my toes. Weddings just tend to make me a bit more nervous than, say, the newborn shoot I did last month, or the Christmas card shoots I've been doing since then. Weddings, in case you didn't know, are a BIG.DEAL. Which means a fair amount of pressure as the photographer to, you know, NOT MESS IT UP. So thankful for digital!

But already having 3 brides for the summer has made me start to think about my business again. I started this whole thing without a very clear idea of where I wanted to go with it; now I'm constantly thinking about that, as well as how my business can be used to bless & help people. It's time to do some serious planning. Not necessarily a 5-year plan; but thinking and praying about a purpose statement for my business-why it exists-what I can do to become a better photographer-some steps i can take in the next year to get there. I don't want this to just "maybe happen". I have a pretty clear idea of where I'd like to see this whole photography thing go and some hard work to put in to get there. But I'm not afraid of hard work. Since things will most likely slow down after Christmas, I'll have some more time to plan and dream. And, even better, to take action. Baby Girl will be weaned in about 6 weeks; I'll have a little freedom to go to workshops and things like that. I'm excited. The only photography class I've ever taken was one in high school, which was mostly about how to develop photos in the darkroom. Photography is something I'd really like to be good at-but not just so I can say I'm a good photographer. I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunities I'm being given, and excited to see where this all goes.

About a month ago, our church had a big Orphan Sunday Concert, raising awareness about the programs our church has that help children both here in our town and abroad who are orphaned or in the foster care system. I was asked to be the photographer; and although it was completely different than the things i usually do (and therefore made me realize just how much I have to learn!) it was so much fun to stretch myself like that.
I know I'm rambling; and since it's now 7 am and Pax is officially out of bed I need to go. Just hadn't blogged for awhile-but obviously not for lack of subjects. I wanted to let you in on a bit of what's brewing in my brain...


Christmas 2010

Retro Plaid Christmas Card
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Oh.my.gosh. My sister-in-law just made my day. She doesn't know it yet, but she will :) Why, you ask? Cause she blogged about this, which is a super-fabulous 50-Christmas-card give-away one of my favorite photocard sites (Shutterfly) is doing this year....why is this so fantastic, you ask? other than the fact that I love a good deal (who doesn't??). Well-- I love Christmas (of course!). And one of my most favorite things about Christmas is exactly what this give away is all about: Christmas cards. I mean, what's better than lots and lots of pictures of all those people you love, especially the far-away ones?? Well, actually, they ARE a bit better if they come with a short (or long!) newsy letter about what's been going on the past year....but.

When I saw Tiff's post, it reminded me that

a) I haven't made a Christmas card yet this year


b) it's December 2nd. Guess I should get on it, eh? Although since Shutterfly can address and mail you cards for you (you know, if you're one of those non-letter-people) it is a little less pressing. Except if, like me, you can't decide which card you like best....and seriously, I'd post them here to show you & help me decide- I've already made 3- but I'm not sure if that's kosher or not. Seriously, I've run into this problem EVERY YEAR for the past 4 years on their website. And they just keep coming up with more beautiful cards! So just click on the link above and you can have fun guessing which ones I'm playing with...and pick one out for yourself, too! and send me one, while you're at it. Maybe with one of those nice, newsy letters I so adore. They also have some beautiful things that would make great Christmas presents....like their wall art...and calendars...and decks of cards with your kids' faces on them (what grandparent wouldn't want that??).


{not-so}Wordless Wednesday

for my love in the far-away land of croissants and stinky cheese...
smooches from your train-obsessed little buddy
a game of "soooo big!!" with your 10-month-old princess

...and as for me? {I don't think I will EVER not miss you when you're gone}

J'taime beaucoup. Para siempre,mi corazon. (and yes, I know those are 2 different languages)


Sweet Will

This is what I'm working on right now...
Check the other blog on Monday for more 18-day-old sweetness :)


Afraid of.... what??

Pax was playing trains before naps Tuesday, while I fed the baby. Nothing unusual there.
Suddenly, he ran across the room and jumped onto the couch next to me.

Me: "What's up, buddy?"
P: "I'm just gonna hide behind you, Mama,"
Me: "Why? Is something scaring you?" (Climbing behind us is his usual M.O. when he sees something on TV that scares him, hears his daddy coming to "get" him, etc.)
P: "Yes,"
Me: "What is it?"
P: "I'm just scared of the poop, Mama,"

To which I had absolutly.nothing. to say.


Just in time.

It's cold and rainy today, for the first time this fall...snow's in the forecast for tomorrow. Looks like I finished the kids' new winter hats just in time! FYI, for those who crochet or care...the rose on B's hat (which, I must say, is my FAVORITE of all the pattern I've tried for flowers...) was super easy to make-crocheted in a strip, then wound and sewn...love, love, LOVE it. Pax's hat is the same colors as his daddy's-he wanted it that way. And when he puts it on, he looks uncannily like Adam's mini-me...


Wordless Wednesday

A little pre-Halloween trick-or-treating, through Daddy's eyes...



I love this time of year. I don't think I can put my finger on why, exactly...
maybe it's because of the memories
of bonfires and the sound of quads echoing through the air (that's the band geek in my talking..) and football games...
of parades and cross-country meets and long runs in sunny, crisp fall afternoons
of bringing home our firstborn son to trees just beginning to turn to gold
Maybe it's because I'm a child of the autumn (I turn 27 on the 27th of this month!).
Maybe it's because the crisp nights and warm days bring with them an anticipation of the holidays...which I adore.
Maybe it's because of the little-girl who comes bursting out of me
when I see carpets of red and gold leaves begging to be jumped in (confession: I use my 3-year-old as an excuse to be about 8 again when I see leaves on the ground...)
Maybe it's because it was this time of year- 7 years ago- that I found myself falling in love
with the wonderful man who would become my husband.
Or because 4 years ago (in about 2 weeks) my then-boyfriend proposed to be in the middle of a beautiful Colorado autumn.
against the backdrop of a autumn-blue sky (as only Colorado can do an autumn-blue sky)
Maybe it's because of the insatiable hunger for color inside me
that the reds and golds and greens
satisfy like no other season does.
Maybe, this year, it's because I don't know if, 2 years from now, I'll be in a state that "does" fall like Colorado does.
Whatever it is--I'm reveling the fall this year. Can't wait to go hiking tomorrow to see more beauty. And am seriously considering another trip to the park this afternoon, where I spied a fresh blanket of gold on the grown last night...
anyone want to join us for a jump??


To our Small Son

Every once in awhile, I look at him and think...how did this happen?
how did you go from being our sweet, tiny little bundle of surprise
to being our high-energy, train-loving, talking-a-mile-a-minute, people-loving little BOY?
Because you are not a baby any longer.
I can't, in good conscience, even call you a toddler...not that you ever really toddled. More like skipped straight to flat out running.
I wouldn't have kept you a baby for the world
for if I had, I would have missed out on this.
The sweet little smooches on my cheek
The little arms around my neck
The "snuggle me, Mama."
The (oh-so-serious!) discussions about trains and tracks and coupling rods and tenders and shunting cars and "bein' an engineer when I grow big...you can drive the diesels, Mama. I'll drive the BIIIIG steamies!" (don't know all those words? You must not have a train-obsessed boy living in your house...)
I would've missed the stubborn fits and "I don't HAVE to!"s...which I may or may not have been happy about. Ask me in a few years...
But I would've missed the sheer joy on your face as you run or climb or swim
your sweetness with your baby sister (although "gentle" doesn't seem, somehow, to have translated...in French OR English)
your help baking cookies
and building track
and the sweet times in the evenings when you snuggle up in my lap
and we read story
after story.
Although I miss your sweet baby face
I love your inquisitive little-boy face
even more
and each day with you in our lives is a blessing
Small Son, your Daddy and I love you very, very much...
We didn't know it. But God knew
we needed you in our lives.
You made me a Mama, and him a Daddy
and taught(teach!) us so much about God
and his grace towards us
everyday as we learn to parent you.
Happy 3rd birthday, Pax William...October 2nd, 2010.
Sorry about all the pictures...I couldn't choose!!


Road trip!

No, not us...although that may be coming up in the near future. This time, it was Adam's grandpa who made the road trip. Now, mind you, Grandpa is 90. And his road-trippin' (and driving) buddy will be 80 this week. Which is, in itself, slightly frightening. What may be even more frightening is that they do this at least once a year, all over the country, going to visit relatives (Grandpa) or to motorcycle gatherings (his buddy John). And both of them wear hearing aids that seem to help only marginally...and they both attempt to use cell phones but can's leave or receive voicemails...
About 2 weeks ago, we got a call from Adam's mom that grandpa was heading their way, and might possibly come up our way too on his way back to the mid-west. On Friday, she called again, to let us know that Grandpa and John had left and were headed to the Springs, then up our way Saturday morning. Now, mind you, we hadn't actually talked to Grandpa at all...but that's kind of how he rolls. About noon on Saturday, we got a phone call from John that they were "here"...but which here? You see, rather than at a hotel, Grandpa was going to stay at my parents' house, since they were out of town. That's where we were waiting for them. We figured they'd call when they left, or at least when they got close. But they didn't. So, they somehow found their way to our house, Grandpa wandered around for awhile-didn't find us there, so they made their way to my parents'...they knocked on the door-we were in the backyard, so didn't hear it. Finally, they called. Adam ran out front, telling them they were at the right place...and watched them drive away. That's what happens when you're 80, can't hear, and try to use a cell phone.
Long story short-they got here, we had a nice visit, Small Son was SO good & mellow (well, for him...John still remarked on how "high-energy" he was. Oh, if only he knew :) and it was great to see them. Pax got to meet his great-grandpa for the second time; Blythe for the first; and I got some pictures, of course!
It's always nice for me to see Grandpa- I never met any of my grandparents, so he's the closest thing I have. I got to meet Adam's grandma-a tiny, sweet little lady-on a quick trip out there after our honeymoon. She died literally the day after we left, so the fact that we got to see her one last time was pretty special, too. Grandpa's doing pretty darn well for 90-his shoulders are a bit weak, he sometimes acts uncannily like my 3-year-old, and he can't hear worth a darn of course- which made his interaction with the little dude pretty funny- but he's still going strong. So great to see him again! Maybe they'll come up our way again next year....


hmmm....I COULD...

The kids woke up unusually early Saturday. I think it's a rule for them...they're in cahoots to get up RIGHT when we begin working out. Today, it was yoga day-started at 6:20. At 6:25, Pax started calling me. Tried to get them to both to go back to sleep-but nope. They were both downstairs by 6:35. We kept doing yoga; B thinks it's funny and Small Son likes to crawl underneath us while we do planks and stuff (it's a "tunnel", you know). He also thinks it's fun to try to do the poses-which is pretty funny to watch, really. At one point, we were doing a "chair"pose and had a little conversation that went something like this:
me: "Pax, you have to be super strong to do this. Are you super strong?"
Pax: "hmmm....well, I AM strong..."
me: "can you do this?"
Pax: "hmmm....well, I COULD do it...."
silence. Adam is trying to hold the pose while cracking up.
Pax: "uhhhh....No thanks. I'm just busy right now,"
and he proceeds to try to use the circles on my yoga mat as train tracks.
Well, okay, kid...if you ever get a minute and want to try it, just let me know...
seriously, this kid cracks me up.


B is for building

Lots of it. In fact, if you hear the sound of power tools coming from our fenced-in porch at all hours of the day and night, don't be alarmed. It's just us, doin' what we do best-well, at least doing what we are learning to do pretty darn well. It's my fault really-I started it. I usually do, not that Adam needs much to get him started-he truly loves to build things and has learned enough over the 4 years of our marriage to become a much-more-than-decent carpenter. Our place in D-town had a beautiful changing table/bookshelf that he built when our small son was on the way (I stained it when I was about a week & a half away from giving birth and got scolded by a friend of ours...hey, I was outside! It was well-ventilated!); and a shelf in our bathroom he built because he couldn't stand my girl-clutter any longer. He worked long hours in the youth room at the church with a friend of ours and another young man (who's dad is a carpenter...good tips there!) pouring his heart into building a fun, modern, place for "our" kids to hang out.
Then we moved in here. And our box spring didn't fit up the stairs. And I told him I'd had enough of sleeping on the floor in college...so we started to look, plan, and scheme. Oh, but first he built a book shelf based off of one I'd seen at Super Tar*et-I would've probably just bought that one, but he wanted to make a sturdier one; and it's truly much cooler than the one at the red & white store would've been. And very needed, since the amount of books we now have seems to have increased exponentially in the past year.
But the bed.
We looked at some big furniture stores around here, talked about what we liked (thankfully, MOST of the time we have the same taste!), and decided we didn't want to spend $600- 1000 on a frame we could make (ok, he could make-but I helped!) ourselves. I remembered a website I'd found on my friend Jill's blog (thanks, friend! It's quickly becoming my new favorite blog!) and hopped on to look for a plan. Came home from California. Found it. Bam. Done. Built it in a day, including shopping for the supplies. Took a bit longer to finish it (ie, paint it & then distress it) because of general chaos in our lives; but here it is! With the paint, primer, screws, wood, etc-cost us just about $100. NOW THAT I LIKE. Super sturdy; high-quality look; low(er) budget. I.love.it. and it is soooooo much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor!! But the best part? Working at a project like this with my hubs. Seriously, it's so fun to build stuff together-mostly because WE have so much fun together. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do with him-the planning, the designing, the measuring, the cutting, the building, the painting...you get the idea. There are lots of things we enjoy doing together; this is just a new hobby we're learning about. And something we can do without the kiddos-although Pax does love to "help". On a compleatly differnt note-isn't our quilt gorgeous? I take absolutely no credit for it. My aunt made it as a wedding gift; it's all hand-quilted (seriously boggles my mind..). She asked me when we got engaged what colors I wanted; it was Adam's idea to use our wedding colors. We finally got it last spring, and it was totally worth the wait. I love the contrast with the red.

.....and for those of you who are waiting to see Pax's finished birthday present-It's coming. It's done, actually, and he's sleeping in it (yes, it is a VERY COOL BED too) I just have a few more details to paint on it-- and I cannot show it to you until it's totally done. Thankyouforyourpatience.Haveagoodday.

Got milk? part duex

I got to meet someone very special yesterday, face-to-face.
Remember the little baby girl I wrote about in this post?
Yup. That's her!
Sweet baby girl is 4 1/2 months old now...thriving...and I am so glad that I finally, finally got to meet her in person!! Pictures had to be taken, of course, of these two sweet little girls I've been blessed to help thrive. Connected in a unique and very special way that they won't even understand for years-after all, if it wasn't for Blythe's birth, I wouldn't have been able to give little A any milk. I'd heard through the grapevine that little A's family would be leaving the state for the winter; and since it's pretty expensive to ship frozen milk & dry ice, I contacted her mama again to see if there was any way I could get them a (3rd and probably final) batch of milk before they left. I'd given her a second back in July, when she was up here photographing a wedding (yes, she's a photographer, too...an incredibly talented one!). She told me they didn't have any plans to come our way before they took off; I couldn't find anyone who was headed their way to send it with (and kept kicking myself for not sending it back with the Other Blegers when they came to visit...). It didn't look like it was going to work out-they leave next week. I sent up a little prayer along the lines of, "Gee, I really wish I could get them one more batch of milk!". That was it. Then, Sunday night, I saw a message in my inbox from A's mama. They were, unexpectedly, COMING TO OUR TOWN. Not for the best of reasons-a great-aunt had passed away-but they could come get the milk!! I was so thankful and hoped that, just maybe, I'd get to meet in person the sweet little girl who's face I'd seen many times, and whom my baby girl has been sharing her milk with. So yesterday we arranged to meet. And when they showed up the first things baby A's momma said was,"I'm bringing her in, so you can meet her!" YAY!! She's so sweet, so chubby, so blue-eyed and perfect-I put my own sweet girlie down next to her tiny "friend" and-of course-documented the moment. I hope that, somehow, we can keep in touch over the years; and maybe someday these two tiny buddies will share a special bond that goes far beyond the milk that they share right now.


A blog with substance

Awhile ago (really, I think it was sometime in August...) my friend Jill gave my a sweet little award. Which was a little crazy to me; but I'm very honored, because it's nice to know that my ramblings mean something to someone other than me. Even if it's just Jill ;) Basically, when you are given the award, there are 2 rules:

The Blog With Substance Award has just 2 simple rules: sum up your blogging philosophy in 5 words and pass the award onto 5 other bloggers!
I'm going to break the first rule (sorry, Jill! I know how you feel about rule-breakers...) because the tag line at the top of my blog summarizes my blogging style perfectly : Life through the eyes of one of God's worshipers.
As for the 5 bloggers I'm going to pass it on to?
First, there's Adventures of the Loya Family. Some good friends of ours who we knew way-back in our early dating, Ft. fun, working-with-teenagers-pt.1-days sold their house, bought a 5th wheeler, and have been traveling all over the country for Jonathan's job (he builds tanks...like the huge, 70-ft high holding tank kind, not the military kind). Their daughter wasn't much more than 1 when they started; they've since added a fun little boy; and she home schools. All in a 5th wheeler. I LOVE hearing about their adventures!
Next, there's Sarah at A True Story. Sarah and I first met on stage when we sang in the band together in D-town..her love of fun, shoes, and (of course!) the spotlight made us instant friends (you may recognize them from my posts about their engagement and wedding, which I was lucky enough to photograph last April!); her beautiful heart and passion for life keeps us friends, even though we don't get to see each other as much as I'd like.
Then there's Megan at Eternal Made Reality. I can't even begin to put into words how much this woman and her friendship-and her family- have blessed my life. I miss living across the street from them, so instead we keep up on Fac*book, phone calls, and stalking each other's blogs :). Which *ahem* by the way, Meg, you haven't written for awhile...hint, hint. And consider yourself forwarned, girl- my hubby has already promised to send me out there for a few days once the baby is weaned...
Fourth (or is it fourthly?) I have Kari at The Wee Warrens Kari and I have literally grown up together- we met in preschool, and made it through Jr. high and high school together. I love being able to see what she and Will (her high school sweetheart-we were all in band together. YAY bandgeeks!!) are up to now-and, of course, to see pictures of sweet little Chloe!!
Finally, meet Emily at Meme Simply. Emily is my nephews' mother; she handles my nephew's "Colorado family" with grace, as well as being very good about making sure our family gets time with Ayden (my nephew). The rest of the time I keep up with what's going on in their lives through her blog (of course!) If you visit her blog, you'll probably recognize her oldest son (of 3!).
So there you go. The 5 blogs with substance I'm giving this award to...hopefully they'll keep up the spirit of the award and pass it on! (c'mon, ladies!)


Wordless Wednesday


Is 8 months old already. 8 months. I can't even believe it. Actually, she's 8 months and 8 days, today. But who's counting?

weighs just a smidgen over 14 pounds
and is not quite 25 inches long.
She's a peanut.
But she's super strong...been standing holding onto tables and couches for a couple of months already, with a toy in one had...she pulls herself up and flips and rolls all over the world, although she isn't full-on crawling yet.
She looks an unbelievable amount like I did as a baby. I'll try to scan some pictures and post them, to prove it.
She says "heeey", "hi", "dada" (what is that? BOTH my kids said dada long before mama..), "dog" (again...why do both my children learn this word before mama??) "all done" (although it's more like "a duh" with the signs to go along) and, today, she said "this". She sings and boogies along to any music she hears. She adores her big brother, and no one can make her giggle quite as fast as he can. Or cry quite as fast as he can. She won't touch pureed baby food-never would-or baby cereal; but grind up some "people food"and she's all over it. Pot roast veggies, spaghetti, black beans, sweet potato fries...you name it, the kid eats it. Don't ask me how she stays so teeny; the girl eats more than her brother does.
She is turning into her brother, in terms of nursing...which means if there is ANY distraction, it's..well, not fun for me. Let's just put it that way.
But she's sweet and snuggly and flirty and smiley and just a wee bit clingy...which took us by surprise, after Pax. She smiles at everyone but needs a few minutes to warm up from our arms before she'll let you hold her. And the nursery at church? Well, let's just say we're working on it. Another complete shock after Mr. See-Ya-Later-Mom!
She has her mama's eyes (they're even starting to turn green!) and her daddy's mouth and her brother's grin.
She is so beautiful.
She is so sweet.
and we can't imagine our lives without her.

See the progression? That's what happens when your brother loves you not gently, but too well!