So Tinkerbell, a Jedi and a doctor go out one night....

... it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke; but really, it's just Halloween at our house. A month late. Please note the bells on Tink's ballet slippers, ankle and wrist--that was my dad's brainchild dreamed up with B while they were here for Pax's birthday; and she was adamant that she MUST have bells so she would sound like Tink, too. (She was beyond thrilled with the bells! And thank goodness for Halloween in Arizona, so Tink didn't need to wear a snowsuit.)Blaise was a doctor because, well, he'd been carrying the stethoscope around like a security blanket for the entire month. He was excited! he didn't know why! but he got to "go" and that's all he cared about!
         Pax's costume choice was no surprise to us, and pretty easy...I made the robe out of an old comforter. I knew it would come in handy someday! And his light-saber lights up and makes the "battle"sounds, which came in handy in the dark.We went to Arcadia with our across-the-street neighbors again to trick or treat, and hit up the big houses where they give out (not even kidding) king sized candy bars, even to the baby. Which works out well for Adam, as I'm pretty sure he was the one who ended up eating most of the candy...

...and I'm loving my stair-step children right now :) Just a quick post to document (although the pictures aren't great-sorry about that. Phone photos.) because, really, I'll want to remember the way they looked in 10 years...and that, the day after we carved pumpkins Pax asked me if next year, he could not watch while I scoop the "guts" out of the pumpkin. "Why not?" I asked him, "It's kind of fun,"
"nah," he replied, with a shake of his head and a flick of his wrist;
"It makes me feel like I'm gonna throw up,"
So, I'm thinking maybe not surgeon as a career choice for him.


Now he is Six.

I realize this post is a month late. But- Pax turned 6 on October 2nd. SIX. I won't say it's crazy, even though it is; I will say that when the kids and I watched the little video my dad had put together of his birth and the days immediately following; I felt a strange sense of nostalgia and even got a bit teary...not that I want to go back to those days. The kid didn't sleep through the night until he was 15 months old, no matter what we did. And really, he's such a fun BOY that I can't imagine missing tomorrow to go back to then! The kid was BEYOND excited for his birthday; begging us to let him open his gifts as soon as they started showing up in the mail and changing his mind 5,000 times about what kind of cake he wanted, what kind of party he wanted, what he wanted for dinner that night....all the fun stuff. Finally, he settled on a vanilla cake with salted caramel frosting (the kid has good taste!!). Yum! don't know how to make caramel frosting? Neither did I! and the first batch turned into caramel candies....with lots of extra sugar. But the second batch was gooooood. He helped me make the cake and frost it while the littles napped...he was, of course, thrilled!
 My folks (Grammy and Grandaddy to the littles) came to visit for the big day; and my mom mostly spent her time freezer-cooking with me and putting together the seventy-five thousand pieces of a starfighter Lego ship. Seriously, it took her (with some help from Pax) hours....my dad spent his time helping us find an affordale pool-cover-removal-device and turning an old planter box into a sandbox for the kids. They're good to have around, those grandparents! I would apologize for the fact that I have only a handful of camera pics of his celebration-but I was spending time with my boy, and carring his cake in while everyone else sang, and playing lightsabers and making pizza for when his buddy spent the night (his "party" of choice) and so really-I don't feel bad about the lack of photos at all.

Here's my mom with the compleated (finally!) Starfighter, and Pax about to enjoy the cake!

B gave it two thumbs up, too. Adam and Little Adam (Blaise, that is) both thought it was too sweet...more for the rest of us :)
 This is a little video of Pax and his buddy Baylor...they were up at 6 playing; by 7 they decided to take on the (chilly!!) pool. Silly, silly boys...I love them!
Oh, Pax..my small son who tests me, who has been used by God to teach me so much about being a mother; who must always, always know "why?"; who is always thinking and dreaming and planning...how your Daddy and I love you! I remember you that night, a grunting little baby boy struggling to breathe after a somewhat difficult birth; your Daddy's face radiated joy and pride..
You still bring us Joy and Pride today.
We love you, Small Son. Always.