Sweet Will

This is what I'm working on right now...
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Afraid of.... what??

Pax was playing trains before naps Tuesday, while I fed the baby. Nothing unusual there.
Suddenly, he ran across the room and jumped onto the couch next to me.

Me: "What's up, buddy?"
P: "I'm just gonna hide behind you, Mama,"
Me: "Why? Is something scaring you?" (Climbing behind us is his usual M.O. when he sees something on TV that scares him, hears his daddy coming to "get" him, etc.)
P: "Yes,"
Me: "What is it?"
P: "I'm just scared of the poop, Mama,"

To which I had absolutly.nothing. to say.


Just in time.

It's cold and rainy today, for the first time this fall...snow's in the forecast for tomorrow. Looks like I finished the kids' new winter hats just in time! FYI, for those who crochet or care...the rose on B's hat (which, I must say, is my FAVORITE of all the pattern I've tried for flowers...) was super easy to make-crocheted in a strip, then wound and sewn...love, love, LOVE it. Pax's hat is the same colors as his daddy's-he wanted it that way. And when he puts it on, he looks uncannily like Adam's mini-me...


Wordless Wednesday

A little pre-Halloween trick-or-treating, through Daddy's eyes...