Summer travels

At my little cousin's swimmeet: Jake, Pax, and Adam (the scene of Pax's first potty triumph!)

Yes, he got in the dog crate by himself....and no, we didn't let him sleep there :) or rather, the dog wouldn't let him...
Since we had...well, lots of time to do whatever we wanted this summer for probably the last time in a loooooong time, plus a kid who still flies for free (for 2 more months!) we made some last minute plans to do a little travelin'. A blessing in disguise, this no-job thing! The thought was that we could either stay in Ft. Collins and do....regular stuff, or we could take the opportunity to see some friends and family that we probably won't see again for a long time. D-town was our first stop, the only one that had been planned for longer than a week, for a family friend's wedding. The great thing about that was, of course, that we also got to see all of Adam's family, as well as some of our friends who were either at the wedding or in town. We got to watch the fireworks with our friends the Onions, and both Pax and their little girl (who is about 5 months old) LOVED them. Every time there was a lull, Pax quickly asked for "more!"The Smiley family: My cousin Janell, her husband Dennis, and their boys Jake and Joe.
Then it was home for a day to do laundry before taking off to see my cousins in California, which consisted of some In-N-Out Burger, a lot of pool time, and the beach. Oh yes, and the MONUMENTAL EVENT : Pax decided ( of his own accord, I swear!) he wanted to go potty on the big potty!! So wWe have officially begun the long road to potty training. He thinks it's pretty cool, so far, luckily...I'm praying that he will keep doing well and be fully trained (or at least close!) by the time the little peanut gets here. I'd LOVE to only have one in diapers! I know it's a big dream, but....The Waters family in San Fran- Ella, Seth, Maria, Ian and Levi (no I don't know which is which) and the travelin' Blegers.
We also got to stop by the Waters' house in South San Francisco for a quick lunch, which was great- we miss these fellow ex-River Church-staff friends!-and loved hearing about how well everything is going for their church plant out there. Pretty much Seth was glowing. I mean, the guy is almost always happy, but you could tell he was in his element. Pax and Ella closed themself in the potty while he "helped" her go potty by putting toilet paper in the toilet...it was good times for all. After another quick day home, we headed to Huston to see our friends the Husemans. Again, a fun, hot, HUMID time of helping them get settled in their new house and watcing kiddos play. Can I just say one thing? I HATE flying when I'm pregnant. Those little doggie bags? Yup. Used 3 of them. At least it was me and not Pax. I'm officially 15 weeks today, and finally starting to feel better on a consistant basis-woohoo! It's been a crazy, fun whirlwind of traveling .... but I'm ready to start settling in to the new "normal", whatever that ends up being. Adam starts school the 24th, I start doing some in-home daycare the 17th, and already had some tutoring going on. God constantly takes care of us, in all things and in some very cool ways- but that's a post for another day :)


Thankful Thursday

it's been....awhile since I've found the time to post on a Thursday! I have so much I am thankful for...just no time to tell all of you about it :) But tonight, since my bro is making dinner (pizza!), my husband and dad are entertaining little boys, and I have a free moment...ta da! The return of Thankful Thursdays!
...I am so thankful for my camera. It's fun, it lets me do cool things, and now God is using it to provide a little for our family...a literal dream-come-true!

....for the blessing-in-disguise of Adam not finding work yet. We get to go out to California for a week to see family, and hopefully the Waters family, too!

....for cars with air-conditioning. Makes the 7 hour drive to Durango tommorow MUCH more appealing :)

...For my nephew, Ayden, and the chance to have him visit for 2 weeks. We don't get to see him enough...and Pax ADORES his big-boy cousin! they've had soooo much fun together!

...for cool, free, kiddo waterparks. They're everywhere up here, and did I mention they're FREE?? hours of fun on hot days!

....Just had to add this picture. Yes, that's my son, asleep under a picnic table. He fell asleep in the car and stayed this way for at least an hour...for those of you who know my son and his sleeping habits, yes, we were shocked. Adam actually looked at him after I put him down and asked, "Where's our kid?"

...for God's constant provision in our lives. I love it...it never looks like we think it will, but it always shows up!