I love kids. I love taking cute pictures of them.Or WITH them, if they happen to be my own cuties. But really, when it comes to kids and cameras, you just have to remember....
if you can't beat 'em (or get them to smile), join 'em.



Our biggest small son decided, in the back of the van on the way home tonight, to give his little sister a science lesson. (yes, we now have a Swagga Wagon instead of a Station Wagon...and I love it.)
"Blythe, do you see that up there? That's the moon. It's made of Glowing Green Cheese!! "
Me, cracking up: "whaaaat??"
Pax: " yes. GLOWING green cheese. But only the full moon. The half moon, it's just made of milk. And it smells kinda, uhhh, milky sometimes."
Adam: "Um. Where did you hear that, buddy?"
Pax: " Oh, I just heard it from Sid the Science kid!"

Thank you, PBS.....
(except I really do like Sid the Science kid. And PBS. Only now my 2year old thinks the moon is made of GLOWING green cheese....)


Merry Christmas!

  I had to post some outtakes from our family photo shoot-done with a tripod, a camera, and a remote. It was an adventure... but we've done it every year and ended up with a great Christmas card, so surely we could do it with one extra kid, right?


I couldn't help laughing when I saw this one. I like to call it, "The Secret Hand".

 Pax's face reminds me sooooo much a certain middle-sister cousin whose photos I'm working on right now...

....and here, you can see what happens when Mama tries to be IN the picture and big brother finds the bribery just-smile-and-look-nice M&Ms. At least he's sharing...

..but this one takes the cake. My favorite by far. "Hey, Sis, you've got something in your eye!!"