just a funny little story...

We're having a mellow day in the Bleger house...Pax has pink eye, a fever, and bright green snot flowing from many parts of his face, so we're staying in. Plus, it's all of 15 degrees at 2:30pm...and there's a warm fire that my husband made next to me. Very tempting to stay in where it's warm. So...this morning as Adam was shaving, Pax was playing under his feet (a regular occurance...wants to see what dad is up to, plus he loves the bathroom cupboard!). I was switching laundry when Adam called me in to see that Pax had climbed into the cupboard. Apparently there was some really cool stuff at the back he needed to get to! When i bent down to see him better, I also smelled an unusual smell...yes, Pax had climbed into the cupboard to work on a poop. I just laughed. Adam apparently went under tables to do this as a toddler, and it seems that Pax has inherited the trait! He's just never done it in a cupboard before.....

The rest of the morning was spent making fudge, Adam making his famous chocolate mint cookies, and dealing with a sick kiddo to whom EVERYthing is tragic today. He loved standing on a chair and watching daddy bake, though! And of course, the fire keeps getting a continual "Wow!!" Merry Saturday before Christmas, everyone! Hope you are enjoying the season of our Lord's birth and your familys' company, too!


Thankful Thursday!

I'm a little late today...we've been going non-stop since 7, so this is the first chance I've had! Sorry it's been a light week in bloggy land for me...I promise to post more pictures and stories during the Christmas holidays!

today, I am thankful for...
....snow. It's so beautiful...and I find it funny that this storm is isolated to our little valley right now. We went to Farmington...nothin' once we got up on Farmington hill!
....creativity. Sometimes I let myself get "too busy" to feed this part of my soul...and even Adam can tell in my moods. When I let myself be creative for a minute or an hour a day, I feel like I've taken a loooong drink after walking through the desert!
....a new year coming. Always a great chance to reflect on what God has done in the last year, and pray for the year ahead!
....Vicks' vaporizors...it helps my little boy stop coughing long enough to sleep when he's sick.
....Snow. I know I already put this one, but it's just so beautiful to watch falling outside my window!
....recipes. I love to cook, I love to learn, and it's another place to experiment!
....that my husband isn't a picky eater. It makes experimenting so much fun!
....Sarah Boyle.
....Thursday mornings, and the fun one-on-one time I get to have with different girls.
....our job. Not only does it provide us with money to house us and buy Christmas presents with; it's also incredibly rewarding, challenging, and fun to be involved in these kids' lives!


Thankful Thursdays

I'm starting to get Adam's cold (for those of you who don't know, he sounds like Barry White...pretty funny when he was talking at theWELL last night!) and have absolutly NO motivation to work out at the moment...so I am going to use the fact that today is Thursday to help me procrastinate :)
1) I am thankful that as part of my job I get to take awsome kids out to breakfast and coffee and just listen and talk with them.

2) I am thankful that my husband is so involved in my son's life; that he is a super hands-on dad and loves the time he gets alone with his kiddo.

3) I am thankful for the beautiful, sparkly Christmas tree in my living room!

4) I am thankful for young people who are giving up part of their Christmas vacation to go to Romania and bless orphans.

5) I am thankful for the Robinsons, and the way they blessed our youth group last night with some awsome tacos and cupcakes! Parents who want to be involved in youth ministry are some of my favorite people!

6) I am thankful for my little son's sense of humor. I love that he thinks it's funny to dial people on my phone and jabber at them while they keep saying "hello?" in confusion at his little voice...and when he starts trying to make us laugh, it's hilarious!

7) I am thankful for my Aunt Janet, and the beautiful stockings she made for us. They show her love out loud.

8) I am thankful that I get to see my parents for Christmas, after all.

9) I am thankful for my husband's ability to balance me, and my ability to balance him. I know we still have alot to learn-but I like to think we're a pretty good (if rather stubborn!) team.

10) I am thankful for God's continual and constant provision for our family. Sometime, like this week, it comes out of the blue and takes our breath away at His generosity.


Christmas tree day!

Friday being our day off, we went a-hunting for our tree! We loaded up baby, snacks, milk, saw, hatchet, permit, coffee, and ourselves and headed up to Beaver Medows, where we've gotten our tree the past 3 years. Pax was very exicted, although he didn't know why...at least, until he tried walking in the snow. But we had a great day and now we have a beautifully decorated tree in our living room. As Pax says when he first saw it all lit up-"oh, Wow!!"


"Those who soar to the highest highs can also plunge to the lowest lows..." this is from one of the Anne of Green Gables books...I can't remember which one. It just hit me recently that I am one of these people. One of the hopelessly romantic, daydreaming kind who flys up on the wings of a hope, a dream, an idea, an adventure...being fully alive in my dreams and seeing them fullfilled...but I have had many, many a hard crash. I've seen my dreams dashed, my trust cracked, my heart broken (often because I put too much store in someone or something, and ended up with reality) but each time I have learned so much from the coming down. I wouldn't give those crashes up for anything. And instead of keeping my feet on the ground, as you might think such a fall would do, I am simply learning to fly more wisely--on the wings of Eagles. With my Lord as my wings, I will run and not grow weary. I will not fear. There are people in my life who have convinced me, for a time, that soaring is for children. That to try to fly now will lead everyone to laugh at me. But I am learning to believe, as I grow older, that my Lord simply wants to loose the chains of fear and doubt that keep me from flying higher--the things that pull me back down-- and see me soar!

"I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens me." Phillipians 4 :13


Thankful Thursdays

Wow, this is the first time I've blogged this week? What's wrong with me?? Oh, that's right...we've been stomach flu central for the past few days. Kinda cuts into blogging time. But, Thursday it is, so blog I must! (I sound like Yoda...) The past few weeks have been crazy and I am DYING to blog about all of it, but am told by my husband I must wait a leeetle longer. So I will stick to my thankfuls...

...I'm thankful for the free Starbucks I got today.

...Also thankful that I was able to bring a friend a free drink...fun to bless people's days in a small way!

....I'm thankful that we are almost healthy again.

...I'm thankful that since it's Thursday, that means tommorrow is Friday, and THAT means we get to go get out Christmas tree!

...I'm thankful for a cozy house on a chilly day.

...I"m thankful for the stage my little son is in. I love watching him walk around and explore and get a little braver every day...love hearing the new words, seeing the new accomplishments, seeing more of his personality shine through every day!

...I'm thankful for punctuation. I like to use it, probably too much!

...I'm thankful for my mom, and that she taught me to read so long ago. I love books. Ask my husband how much!

...I'm thankful for the ways that God is stretching and growing me right now.

...I'm thankful for caramel corn, fudge, and pecan pie. And I wish I could eat this one right now!

...I'm thankful that it's naptime! And that my little boy is now sleeping so well.