Oh, this kid...

     My parents came to visit a few weeks ago, to see Blythe's end-of-the-year dance recital and  giving Adam & I a chance to go away for a night to celebrate our anniversary-our ninth! We went as a family to drop them off at the airport Monday evening, and per usual one child was crying as we drove away. This time, it was the littlest guy. He started out crying about them leaving, but soon he decided to start throwing a fit about the fact that we were listening to Adventures in Odyssey instead of...anything else. He was throwing a royal fit, which in this house means you don't get what you want...so the other 4 of us were (more or less) happily listening to the story. Finally, 3 miles from home, he started winding down. But he wasn't quite done yet. So, as he whined and whimpered and tried to think of something else to cry about, he suddenly wailed, "Bob Latrielle..." which happens to be the production engineer for Adventures in Odyssey. And Adam and I immediately cracked up.
"Bob Latrielle...."
Oh, this kid. This costume-changing, warrior-loving, word-playing, fierce and cuddly three-year-old...what would we do without you??

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